“A remarkable talent and true friend…” ~ Sting

My good friend Debra has a remarkable talent, an ability to see the world the way you yourself see it, as if with your own eyes. This comes as a great relief to someone like myself, who had come to believe that having a singular vision, was both a blessing and a curse. Suddenly you don’t feel so isolated, so freakish, so awkward. The important thing is this, she reminds you what fun it is to be you, the singular, freakish, awkward you, but she also reminds you of your potential, of your gifts to the world and your place in it, and that is friendship indeed. ~ Sting

“Your words were wise, insightful and lovingly expressed”

I am so grateful for our session on Monday. Thank you for sharing your gift with me. Your words were wise, insightful and lovingly expressed. I can already feel my life changing for the better. Jodie
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“I can already feel myself turning a corner”

Just wanted to write that I found our Tuesday session so insightful. I have listened to your recording at least 4 or 5 times. Joe
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“You changed my life!”

Thank you so much for my reading. I have never felt to “seen” before. Your humor put me at ease and I learned so much. You changed my life. Lisa D-
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“…That was very powerful advice and I can’t thank you enough for your invaluable insight.”

Hi Debra, I was a part of the Taurus Sun Sign Social last night. You had mentioned to me on the call that I needed to find my voice. I want to thank you for your advice! Upon reflecting and sleeping on it, I realized this morning that this is something I really needed to [...]
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“The call was very enlightening!”

Hi Debra, I talked to you on your talk show yesterday evening. I had a reading with you last April (30 min). You advised that i should get a reading with you, i would love to, but i don’t have the money. That is another issue for me ha!. i hope to book a reading [...]
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“Thank you for the attitude adjustment. You have a great gift.”

Debra, You do very good work in a beautiful, supportive and entertaining way. When I called in this evening, I was unsure exactly what it was that I wished to ask, other than the generic “what should I be doing” and you very succinctly reminded me that I am here to live an impersonal life. [...]
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“How did that show up in my chart???? It’s amazing…”

Hi Debra, I’m so happy you have your show! It’s fantastic. I called in today and you told me to clean up my apartment. WOW! How did you know that???? It’s been a thorn in my side since I got ‘sick’ with Arthritis. In 2008 I had a big plan, I took before pictures and [...]
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“…I believe the angels conspired and sent me your way tonight. I so needed your gentle guidance.”

Debra…I am so grateful that I got through on your radio show tonight. So amazing that you picked up on the eating issue. I’ve been out out of work so long and at 55 feel as if I’ll never have a normal job again. I have five children, three still at home and in school [...]
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“You really nailed me in that reading and allowed me to understand and accept myself in new ways.”

Dear Deb, Don’t know if you remember me…I came from Illinois to your astrology class last June after a reading from you. Doesn’t really matter, I guess, if you remember….anyway, in my reading you told me that I definitely need to be working with people and recommended…insisted really, that I check out the Univ of [...]
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“You really help us understand each other.”

Thank you for today. You really help us understand each other. We both agree that 1 meeting with you is = to 10 meetings with another therapist. The astrology helps too. ~ Alex & Jenny
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