Astrology FAQs

What are Zodiac Date of Birth Charts?

How astronomy documents zodiac birth charts & why solar system pictures provide valuable info for astrological charting & your life’s purpose.

Can Astrology Tell the Future or Meaning of Life?

Astrological influences can be predictive, but Debra’s focus is the purpose of your life so you can have the happiness you deserve.

Astrology & Psychology: How Long Does It Take?

Debra explains the short term process of psychological astrology; seeing issues, creating a therapy program, and helping you through it.

Horoscopes & Astrology: Influence of the Planets

Planets in astrology describe all the influences of a personality. From the male energy of Mars & Venus on love, watch Debra’s overview now.

Astrology: A Way to Spiritual Healing & Joy

When you are ready to let go of your emotional baggage, you can begin healing. Watch now & see how astrology can help you move into joy.

Astrology: Blending the Personality & the Soul

Debra’s esoteric astrology brings the soul & material world into union; life’s meaning is in the quiet, non-verbal essence of who you really are. Watch now.

Astrology: Does it Work?

Astrology clients are amazed how Debra shortens their healing process by showing insights, compassion & understanding based on their birth chart. See how it works here.

How Astrology & Horoscopes Help Psychology

Debra uses astrology to shorten therapy. Readings give quick insight & understanding of behaviors you need to change & why. Watch now!

Astrology: What’s In It For Me?

Being able to be yourself in the presence of another with no agenda is one of the greatest gifts Debra shares through astrology in her psychology practice. Listen to how this can help you.

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